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Bamboo Airways

Originated from national pride and inspiration on the trip of exploration, Bamboo Airways – a member of FLC Group – was officially established in 2017.

With the mission of connecting the tourist regions in the S-shaped country, raising Vietnam’s image and people on the international map, Bamboo Airways starts its journey to fly high with its spreaded wings based on the cooperation with the world’s leading brands in the aviation industry.

In March 2018, the agreement between FLC Group and France’s Airbus Group to buy 24 aircrafts A321NEO was signed with a total contract worth of up to 3.1 billion US dollars witnessed by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and French Parliamentary President Francois De Rugy.

Continuing on June 25 2018, Bamboo airways – FLC Group officially signed an agreement in Washington, DC to buy 20 new aircrafts boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with a worth of US $ 5.6 billion in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue.

The simultaneity of large investment and cooperation agreements is clear direction for brand development. In particular, the brand identity with an icon of Vietnamese bamboo logo is stylized and developed by LIFT Strategic Design Group – the world famous brand designer. At the same time, Bamboo Airways’ preparatory process with full necessary legal procedures gained a high consensus from Government entities.

  • On July 9 2018, on behalf of Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung officially allowed the establishment of Bamboo Airways.
  • On November 12 2018, Ministry of Transport officially granted Bamboo Airways a license for air transport business.
  • On January 8 2019, Vietnam Aviation Administration officially granted the Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) to Bamboo Airways, officially permit the airline to operate in Vietnam’s aviation market.

Aiming to bring the flying dream closer to all Vietnamese people and foreign tourists, we offer very flexible and diverse policies on fare classes including: Bamboo EconomyBamboo PremiumBamboo Business.

In order to provide you with new experiences, especially a 5-star quality experience, our in-flight entertainment system will make you feel most comfortable during a trip.

In terms of aircraft’s interior, we believe that all small details being integrated in Bamboo Airways’ aircrafts can make a difference for your experience. The selection of colors, type of chair, fabrics, and type of leather represents an effort to deliver best service to you.

For Bamboo Airways, the green color represents youth and vitality; the dark blue color symbolizes the connection with FLC Group; the light blue color is the symbol of pioneering spirit and outstanding commitment for hospitality.

With the above preparations, we wish to bring experiences beyond your expect and to become the first 5-star airline in Vietnam having first-class compartment towards to the leading position in Asian aviation in the upcoming journey.

Discovering Vietnam and the world at an affordable price and friendly service originating from absolute hospitality is what our passengers can expect from Bamboo Airways. And we believe that means “more than just a flight!”

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