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Airline Distribution Solutions


Are you finding your Airline’s sales lagging and in need of assistance in selling MORE seats on your Airline?

Would you like to generate NEW REVENUE sources from additional countries? 

TADS (TAL - Airline Distribution Solutions) can provide you with Airline Distribution Solutions through IATA BSP & ARC !!

As an official Contractor of IATA’s BSP (Billing & Settlement Plan) Programme and a Coordinator of ARC's (Airlines Reporting Corporation) Programme, TAL Aviation provides a one-stop-shop service to any airline seeking to improve its distribution. 

TADS offers airlines a package to suit its needs, starting from guidance and assistance with the joining process, and once the airline has joined, providing administrative services.  Whichever option the airline takes – let TAL Aviation do the work for you.

Why join the BSP and ARC Programmes through TAL Aviation?

With sales offices covering Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, North, Central & South America, and  over 30 years of close relationship with IATA, our professional staff will guide you through the right process and oversee until completion.

Many satisfied airline customers have already benefited from our experience: 

  • Swift and professional response to your inquiries
  • Personal handling of administration work and specific joining documents required for different countries
  • Completion of all documentation on airline’s behalf, handling signature process and supervising procedure requested by IATA 
  • Maintaining continuous interface between IATA, ARC and airline
  • Distributing CIPs for travel agents in coordination with the airline 
  • Handling ADM/ACM and refunds approval and processing 
  • Providing airline with reports to track its growth and expansion
  • Offering airlines TAL Aviation's GSA excellent services

What Is BSP?

BSP is a system designed to simplify - airlines receive one settlement covering all agents - and assist the selling, reporting and remitting procedures and improve financial control and cash flow. IATA members and non-IATA members can join.  The electronic distribution of billing reports and generation of ADMs/ACMs via the BSPlink results in fewer resources required and a centralized and neutral system enables increased financial and accelerated quality controls.


Airlines will feel the real change instantly by expanded worldwide distribution and increased revenues

Benefits for Airlines when Joining BSP via TADS (TAL - Airline Distribution  Solutions)…

  • No airline local office required in BSP country of choice.  TAL Aviation's worldwide office network will support and assist airlines wherever required
  • Electronic ticketing offered
  • Simplified selling, reporting and remitting procedures and saves administrative resources
  • Traffic document inventory costs saved
  • Punctual and regular settlement of sales directly through BSP
  • Rapid sales performance data
  • Expedites credit card processing
  • Safe, swift and secure payments by joining IATA's ICCS (IATA's Currency Clearance System) programme provided it operates in the country of choice


Joining fees is only US$5,000 per country!

Join TADS' special combined BSP/GSA package and enjoy a special offer!

Airlines joining BSP in 5 countries or more will benefit from an outstanding offer!

 TADS -  Our Services


  • Maintains continuous contact between IATA and airline
  • Distributes to agents CIPs in coordination with airline
  • Handles ADMs/ACMs, refunds approval and processing
  • Ensures local presence in BSP countries according to IATA requirements, via TAL Aviation's offices
  • Provides airlines with sales reports and other information
  • Authorizes or disconnects travel agents due to their financial situation (in cooperation with airline)
  • Provides specific information and guidelines for countries where there are local or legal legislation requirements
What Is BSP?
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What Is ARC?

ARC – Airlines Reporting Corporation

ARC provides services and benefits to airlines in the USA similar to those provided by IATA to all other parts of the world. It is a global pioneer in e-ticket processing and settlement,  serving the travel industry with financial services, data products and services, ticket distribution, original travel solutions, and settlement in the USA, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.  ARC accredits travel agencies and corporate travel departments in the above mentioned countries. ARC's system of reporting and settlement is fully electronic, accommodating everything from the largest online distribution systems to the traditional retail model agency with nearly 20,000 accredited points of sale.  More than 200 airlines and railroads worldwide currently distribute and settle their products through ARC's system.  With more than $86 billion annually processed through the settlement system, ARC is the financial backbone of travel distribution in the USA.

Benefits for Airlines when joining ARC via TADS (TAL - Airline Distribution  Solutions)…


  • Incremental revenue from a huge market at a variable cost
  • Increased sales for airline through over 14,000 ARC USA Accredited Travel Agents
  • Weekly Cash Flow wired direct to bank account
  • Fastest payment system - 2 days for credit cards and 5 days for cash
  • Generation of business traffic for airlines worldwide through USA companies
  • Generation of tourism traffic  for airlines worldwide through affluent USA residents
  • Provision of Carrier Accounting File (CAT) similar to BSP HOT files & more
  • Provision of online airline reports, carrier bulletins, Carrier Ticketing Authority Centre through My ARC Portal
  • Document retrieval system


Joining Costs: US$5,000 (for 0-700 monthly transactions) ; US$10,000 (for 701-2,717 monthly transactions) ; US$55,000 (for over 2,718 transactions)

 TADS -  Our Services

  • Maintains continuous contact between ARC and airline
  • Acting as representative and ARC administrative interface
  • Assists airlines with OTA (Online Travel Agents) negotiations and agreements
  • Raises ADMs/ACMs
  • Sales Support Help desk for ARC travel agents
  • Dedicated telephone lines and email addresses
What Is ARC?
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Airline Distribution Solutions
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