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Aerolineas Estelar


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Provide our passengers with the best and safest flight experience, with the satisfaction of enjoying our quality of services, with effective attention on the ground and on board our aircraft, valuing the time of those who choose us as their trusted airline.


Its fleet consists of Boeing and Airbus aircraft:

1 X Boeing 737-200 :-  a short and medium-range single-aisle fuselage aircraft with a capacity of up to 118 passengers, produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

3 X Boeing 737-300 :- a short and medium-range single-aisle fuselage aircraft with capacity for up to 148 passengers, produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

1 x Airbus A340-300 :- a four-engine, wide-body passenger aircraft with a maximum capacity of 267 passengers, produced by the European manufacturer Airbus SAS.


• SAFETY: It is the attribute that characterizes and defines Aerolineas Estelar.

• TEAMWORK: We promote the integration of all members and areas of the organization, valuing their roles and abilities to achieve common success.

• COMMITMENT: We have a high sense of responsibility with our users, collaborators, customers and suppliers. We build relationships based on trust and a good organizational climate.

• QUALITY OF SERVICE: The satisfaction of our customers is the result of a coordinated, efficient and timely work that reveals the quality and care given to our passengers.

• INNOVATION: We encourage all members of the organization to generate opportunities for improvement in a creative, methodical, ethical, responsible and effective way. 

VALUES: Satisfaction, Disposition, Experience, Evolution, Integration, Social.

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