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Sundor, subsidiary of EL AL Israel Airlines, established in 1977, offers scheduled and charter flights to seasonal leisure destinations in the Mediterranean and Europe.

Sundor provides the following services:

  • Scheduled Flights - Sundor specializes in scheduled flights to seasonal leisure destinations within a 6-hour flight distance. These flights are promoted through global distribution systems, available on the EL AL website, and can be seamlessly combined with EL AL flights. EL AL Frequent Flyer members can earn points on these Sundor flights.


  • Charter flights – Sundor also offers charter flights, available for purchase through tourism wholesalers and travel agents. Please note that charter flights cannot be booked directly via the EL AL website. For more information on the differences between scheduled and charter flights.


  • Special flights – Sundor provides special flights tailored to the unique requirements and needs of companies and organizations, including sports groups, company trips, birthdays, and more.
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