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Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development

7 December, 2023

International Civil Aviation Day was first observed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on December 7, 1994, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Chicago Convention.

Later, the UN General Assembly announced December 7 to be International Civil Aviation Day in 1996.

The aim of Civil Aviation Day is to let the nations and people of the world bond and have friendly ties. This day is also commemorated to consider the value of world aviation networks.

International Civil Aviation Day serves as a reminder about the importance of the aviation industry in all sectors and honors the civil aviation employees and air traffic control officers that maintain the skies and runways safe for us to travel.

ICAO selects a special anniversary theme for the global day every five years for the entire four-year interim period.

The UN body has proposed the theme of International Civil Aviation Day in 2019 until 2023 as, “Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development.”

TAL Aviation continues to build strong and supportive relationships with aviation industry leading players to provide top-class representation services.

We warmly congratulate the aviation family worldwide and remain committed #keepingtheworldconnected



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