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Beijing Capital Airlines


Beijing Capital Airlines, operates under the marketing brand Capital Airlines, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines.The company was established in 1995 as Deer Jet Airlines.

In 1998, it began offering international services under the Deer Air branding. In October 2007, it received its first Airbus A319 and began returning the formerly operated Boeing 737s. Deer Jet began providing charter services in December 2008 using a fleet of A319s and corporate jets. The airline was authorized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to operate scheduled air services in 2009.

On 2 April 2010, Beijing Capital Airlines launched its first service, based in Beijing Capital International Airport.  Deer Jet Airlines was divided into two companies on May 4, 2010. While the charter operation has kept the Deer Jet branding, scheduled operations using Airbus aircraft were renamed Capital Airlines. Capital Airlines operates mainly in China (including Macao), focusing on international air passenger service and cargo transport operations.

Beijing Capital Airlines is committed to the development of international tourism routes. It plans to operate flights among Beijing, Hangzhou and Qingdao as the core bases, and it is constantly opening international air routes to East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and United States and so on.

So far, Beijing Capital Airlines has opened the following international routes in Asia area: Xi'an- Zhanjiang-Bangkok, Xi'an-Phuket, Hangzhou-Osaka, Hangzhou-Jeju, Hangzhou-Okinawa, Hangzhou-Shizuoka, Hangzhou-Nha trang, Haikou-Phnom Penh, Haikou- Siem Reap, etc.

In 2015, long haul flights among China and capital cities of other countries such as Madrid and Maldives have been operated by Beijing Capital Airlines with Airbus A330 aircraft. The fourth intercontinental airline Shenyang-Qingdao-Melbourne were officially launched on September 29th, 2016. The new routes Hangzhou-Chengdu-Madrid and Hangzhou-Qingdao-Vancouver were operated continually on December 16th and 30th.  

In 2017, Beijing Capital Airlines has already launched Qingdao-Moscow and Hangzhou-Saipan airline. Hangzhou-Beijing-Lisbon, Beijing-Macau airline has been opened on July 25th. Qingdao-Sydney and Qingdao-London routes will be also planned to launch on October 29th and 30ththis year.

The opening of these international routes aims to solve the lack of international direct flights services. These routes also significantly stimulate domestic and international market and push forward the development of tourism resources, as well as promote local economic and social development. In the future, Beijing Capital Airlines will be leveraging the Chinese outbound tourism market, developing more tourism products, further improving the domestic and international route network. Beijing Capital Airlines wishes to make an important contribution to domestic and international cultural exchange and development.

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