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Aerolineas Estelar


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Estelar Airlines is Venezuelan air transport company with a select range of destinations in America and Europe, with services characterized by punctuality, quality, cordiality, safety and comfort, adhering to aeronautical safety regulations, with highly trained, motivated and committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.


Its fleet consists of Boeing and Airbus aircraft:

1 X Boeing 737-200 :-  a single-aisle fuselage aircraft of short and medium range with capacity for a maximum of 118 passengers, produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

3 X Boeing 737-300 :- a single-aisle fuselage aircraft of short and medium range with a maximum capacity of 148 passengers, produced by the US manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

1 x Airbus A340-300 :- a wide-body, four-engine passenger aircraft with a maximum capacity of 267 passengers, produced by the European manufacturer Airbus SAS.


Client Orientation: Our organizational vocation is focused on satisfying the needs, expectations and demands of our clients with the utmost diligence, dedication and dedication.

Commitment and Responsibility: We demonstrate our greater willingness and diligence in the fulfillment of the functions and tasks entrusted; we take the initiative to carry them out with a permanent orientation in the delivery of results and we assume the consequences of our behavior without excuses of any nature.

Excellence: Our actions are based on the achievement of demonstrable results, generally above what is normally expected and under fundamental concepts that include service orientation, leadership, people's involvement, quality, continuous improvement and the innovation.

Respect: Our behavior is based on the recognition, consideration and valuation of the dignity, rights and qualities of people, without distinction of condition, creed or social class; accepting and understanding the differences of criteria, opinions and attitudes inside and outside the organization.

Integrity: We act in accordance with our mission, vision, policies and principles, in accordance with ethical and social norms.

Security: We ensure that all our actions are carried out with strict adherence to the regulatory provisions regarding security; We manage processes of prevention, awareness and mitigation of risks and dangers that allow the protection of people, property, goods and the environment.

Sense of Belonging: We are ESTELAR, Estelar belongs to us and we are part of Estelar in an indivisible way. There is an emotional bond of our workers with our organization, which makes its individual objectives an integration with the organizational objectives and be seen as one.

Teamwork: Our general conduct is oriented towards the realization of the work based on the rules, rules and objectives defined by the work team, above their own. It is a priority to respect and integrate the individual with his work team, as well as to improve relationships at the inter-team level.

Social Responsibility: At Aerolíneas Estelar, we act creating value and optimizing our performance for the generation of collective prosperity as a condition of true sustainable development. We are supportive and cooperate in the promotion of initiatives for human and community development, as well as in the protection of the environment.


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