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El Al Cargo


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EL AL Cargo deals with the air transport of commercial cargo, providing creative solutions for its clients.

Air transport enables short delivery time, minimizing the damages associated with surface and sea transportation.

EL AL Cargo’s main activities are commerce, marketing and handling of cargo from the moment it is received at the airport until it reaches its final destination.

Cargo transport can be carried out in the belly of EL AL's passenger aircraft, on its nonstop flights to 35 destinations as well as on a dedicated 747-400F aircraft. The main destinations of EL AL's routes are:

  • Transatlantic destinations: New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Toronto.
  • Far East destinations: Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mumbai and Beijing
  • European destinations: Nonstop flights to most of the main cities in Europe
  • African destinations: Johannesburg 


Its 747-400F cargo aircraft can carry 127 tons and operates between Tel - Aviv, Liege and New York.

EL AL Cargo has signed agreements with leading airlines as well as with trucking companies on the various continents. These agreements allow EL AL Cargo to move cargo to most destinations in Europe, North America and the Far East.

EL AL Cargo leads the way in and transporting freight of all types, maintaining levels of excellence and professionalism, and providing personal attention to all customers.  

We at EL AL Cargo are committed to providing you with service that is above and beyond the ordinary, as we continually strive to improve. ​

EL AL Cargo offers its customers creative and effective solutions, with an emphasis on safety, reliability and forethought.

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