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Virgen de las Nieves

30 November, 2021

The airline welcomes this new aircraft registration EC-NQR with which it pays tribute to the patron saint of the island of La Palma, as a sign of support for its inhabitants and to promote the island's recovery after the volcanic eruption. This new aircraft completes the total number of aircraft of the ATR 72-600 model that the company acquired in 2015


Binter continues to invest in order to improve its service to its customers. It recently signed with the aeronautical manufacturer ATR for the acquisition of 5 new 72-600 aircraft, with the option of more.

Currently Binter operates one of the largest fleets in the world of this aircraft, with 23 ATR 72-600s, to provide services on its inter-island routes.

The greenest regional aircraft 

This aircraft has a capacity of 72 seats and has the latest technologies in the field of assisted navigation tools and the highest standard of comfort for passengers.  

The aircraft is more environment-friendly, with lower energy consumption in terms of consumption per passenger and kilometer, and with the ability to take off and land on shorter runways, which allows it to operate to airports where larger aircraft cannot. 

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