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Corendon Cargo


Corendon Airlines, the first airline company established in 2005 within the Corendon Tourism Group, made its first flight from Eindhoven to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport on April 12, 2005.

"Make a Difference!" Starting with the slogan brand, in the year 14 commercial flights, along with participating in the group structure Corendon Dutch Airlines and Corendon Airlines Europe, carrying 3 million passengers 145 airports annually in 45 countries and reached the position of one of Turkey's and Europe's major airlines.

Corendon Airlines: Established in 2005, Corendon Airlines, Turkey-flagged fleet organizes flights to tourist destinations in the world in many countries, especially in Europe with 11 aircraft.

Corendon Airlines Europe: 2017 was established to organize flights from European countries Corendon Airlines Europe, Malta-flagged fleet by 3 aircraft from Germany, Austria, Estonia and Poland, Turkey is organized tourist destinations on flights such as Egypt and Greece.

Corendon Dutch Airlines: Founded in 2011, Corendon Dutch Airlines organizes flights from the Netherlands to many European countries with 3 Dutch flags in its fleet today. 

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