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Corendon Cargo


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Corendon Airlines, the first airline company established in 2005 within the Corendon Tourism Group, made its first flight from Eindhoven to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport on April 12, 2005.

"Make a Difference!" Starting with the slogan brand, in the year 14 commercial flights, along with participating in the group structure Corendon Dutch Airlines and Corendon Airlines Europe, carrying 3 million passengers 145 airports annually in 45 countries and reached the position of one of Turkey's and Europe's major airlines.

Corendon Airlines: Established in 2005, Corendon Airlines, Turkey-flagged fleet organizes flights to tourist destinations in the world in many countries, especially in Europe with 11 aircraft.

Corendon Airlines Europe: 2017 was established to organize flights from European countries Corendon Airlines Europe, Malta-flagged fleet by 3 aircraft from Germany, Austria, Estonia and Poland, Turkey is organized tourist destinations on flights such as Egypt and Greece.

Corendon Dutch Airlines: Founded in 2011, Corendon Dutch Airlines organizes flights from the Netherlands to many European countries with 3 Dutch flags in its fleet today. 

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