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Corendon Cargo


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Corendon Airlines was founded and began operations as a holiday airline in 2005 with its maiden flight taking off from Istanbul to Amsterdam. Its unique business concept quickly met with the approval of passengers and with the rapid rise in passenger numbers the airline invested in additional modern aircraft as early as in the founding year.

Over the years the internationally renowned charter airline has grown, tapping into new destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean. For this purpose, the Dutch subsidiary “Corendon Dutch Airlines” was launched in 2011, taking on the mission of flying holidaymakers from the Netherlands and Belgium to the dream destinations in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Egypt, Gambia and Israel – to name but just a few.

Today, the affiliated companies Corendon Airlines and Corendon Dutch Airlines fly to more than 145 destinations in 45 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. Corendon Airlines and its Dutch subsidiary operate with a fleet of 14 Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft, fitted with the new revolutionary “Sky Interior” cabin Design.

Over its years of operations, Corendon Airlines has been recognized for its safety and customer satisfaction. In July 2005, Corendon Airlines received the SHY 145 approved maintenance organisation certificate. In October 2010, it was the first airline in Europe to be awarded the ISO 10002 certificate for customer satisfaction and complaints management. In the years that have followed, the services of Corendon Airlines in all relevant areas of flight operations have been recognized and certified by international aviation organisations and authorities.

Corendon Airlines Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission:
“To overcome the distance problem for our customers and make a difference in their lives, contribute to tourism industry by creating high customer satisfaction”.

Our Vision:

“To increase our market diversity and brand awareness to become a global airline company.”


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