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AEGEAN and Hellenic Petroleum offering flights

29 March, 2020

AEGEAN and Hellenic Petroleum, cooperate and together support the current effort of Greece and Cyprus to combat the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, by operating cargo flights for the transport of medical and pharmaceutical supplies. The two companies by further expanding the cooperation recently launched in Greece will cover for the needs of Cypriots as well. 

AEGEAN will provide for aircraft and crew as well as other variable costs, while Hellenic Petroleum through EKO Cyprus, will cover the respective fuel costs.

The coordination of the initiative is solely in the authority of the Republic of Cyprus whereas the number of flights will be determined as needed.

AEGEAN and Hellenic Petroleum, through EKO Cyprus, are also willing to operate any repatriation flights requested on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cyprus. These flights will be operated upon the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and following the criteria or other conditions set by the Republic of Cyprus. During these specific flights and in order to provide increased proactive hygiene measures middle raw seats will be vacant and no catering service will be offered.  Hellenic Petroleum and Cyprus EKO will continue to provide services at both Cyprus, Larnaka and Paphos airports to serve any emergency refueling that may be required during this period.

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