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AEGEAN enhances health and safety measures for the restart of air travel

28 May, 2020

Following the new travel protocols and hygiene procedures for air transport recently announced, AEGEAN is enhancing its health and safety measures in all domestic and international flights. 

Having as absolute priority the health and safety of passengers and employees and in close cooperation with the authorities, the procedures in place for boarding, aircraft access, and inflight service have already been modified. As well as the protocols for cleaning and disinfecting of aircraft. The use of a face mask has become obligatory for both passengers and crew, and from now on, only one (1) item is permitted in the cabin of the aircraft, either a personal item (women's/men's handbag or thin laptop case) or a carry on up to 8kg. Furthermore, 3 rows of seats will be kept vacant in case there is a need to isolate a passenger with potential symptoms. 

To avoid queuing or any other unnecessary contact, as per the relevant health protocols, special dividers have already been placed in ticket offices and check in counters and passengers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of all electronic and contactless services, before and during their flight. During boarding, a “touch-free-policy” is applied, thus passengers are asked to contactless indicate their travel documents and self-scan their boarding pass. 

AEGEAN, has already amplified standard aircraft cleaning procedures in between all its flights, in all stations in Greece and abroad, both during the day and after the completion of flights at night. In average, the cleaning effort is now doubled. The air recycling system on board aircraft is equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestors) filters, capturing more than 99% of even microscopic bacteria and viruses, and cabin air is being renewed following the highest standards. 

The new processes, along with the application of personal hygiene practices by all, are considered necessary to safeguard the health and safety of both passengers and crew, to progressively restore air transport services and also to maintain the positive results, Greece has achieved for the control of the COVID-19 outbreak.


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