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AEGEAN enhances travel experience by welcoming its passengers to its new Business Lounge in Athens International Airport

5 April, 2022

AEGEAN’s brand new Business Lounge, located in the extra Schengen area of Athens International Airport welcomed its first guest on April 2nd, aiming to enhance travel experience with its unique aesthetics and functionality, while marking the airline’s dynamic start in this year’s tourist season.

In a sophisticated area of 1,250 square meters, AEGEAN promises to offer an unparalleled experience of travel and hospitality. By incorporating its new brand identity and inspired by the lean, traditional Greek architecture, the new Lounge combines functionality, comfort and hospitality with state-of- the-art technology and upgraded services, having its new fleet as a starting point. 

The natural light and the breathtaking airside view, combined with high quality materials such as marble, terrazzo, glass and wood create a modern and comfortable surroundings. The media lounge for networking, the social lounge to stay connected, the quiet lounge for extra relaxation, the meeting rooms for work from everywhere, the recliners for the aviation enthusiasts, the two cafeterias as well as the restaurant alongside the wine bar, create new and different meeting points offering multiple choices according to the needs of every passenger. As the new AEGEAN Business Lounge is aiming to serve as a platform to promote Greekness, all warm and cold dishes as well as wines offered, come mainly from fine Greek producers. 

The new Business Lounge was designed by the globally renowned architect team of K-Studio, accelerating the already successful established partnership that began during previous year with the design and launch of the new AEGEAN’ s Lounge in Thessaloniki. 

AEGEAN’s new Business Lounge will be open to all Business Class and Miles+Bonus Gold passengers, as well as to members of Star Alliance network, where they will have the opportunity  to experience the unique service quality that AEGEAN offers , as well as the upgraded and modern Greek hospitality, for which the airline is among its most prominent ambassadors.

A brief timelapse of the Business Lounge preparation is available here while more information on AEGEAN’s Lounges are available in  and

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