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AEGEAN received the first Airbus A321neo

9 October, 2020

Persistence in the vision for extroversion and contribution to growth, despite the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

The first A321neo, the largest member of the A320neo family, landed late last week at AEGEAN’s base at Athens International Airport. The airline is expected to take delivery of 3 additional A321neo aircraft by Spring 2021, which will raise the total to 9 A320/A321neo aircraft from a total of 46 aircraft on order. 

The new Airbus A321neo, is equipped with the advanced Pratt & Whitney GTF™ new generation engines and will bring a reduction in CO2 emissions per passenger seat of up to 23% in compared to the current Airbus fleet and up to 53% compared to AEGEAN’s initial and new at the time Avro RJ100 aircraft 20 years ago. The new aircraft also brings a significant reduction in NOx emissions per flight and passenger flown by 50% and lowers the noise footprint by 75%, making it the most environmentally friendly and efficient aircraft type ever to join AEGEAN’s fleet.

With an increased capacity of 220 passenger seats, reduced fuel consumption and additional range of 1 hour of flight, the new Airbus A321neo is expected to offer AEGEAN an additional competitive advantage, post COVID-19.

Dimitris Gerogiannis, AEGEAN CEO, commented:
“Against the catastrophic impact of the pandemic in aviation and AEGEAN in particular, we need to make immediate and painful adjustments and ensure increased resilience for the next difficult 12-18 months. At the same time, however, we need to support our vision for continuously developing our service offering to our passengers, for the ongoing strengthening of our competitiveness, but also for contributing substantially to the Greek economy. In this vision, A321neo, “the largest member” of the A320neo family, with its enhanced capabilities, will be the most important new tool for our team. We are proud to be able to welcome the first A321neo, and the three to follow, amidst such difficult conditions”. 

The positive environmental footprint of A321neo, at a glance.

  • 53% less CO2 emissions per passenger seat Vs the first, and then new, AEGEAN’s fleet in 1999
  • 23% less CO2 emissions per passenger seat than previous generation Airbus
  • 50% lower NOX emissions levels
  • 75% lower noise footprint 
  • 16% less fuel consumption
  • + up to 1 additional hour of flight, totally up to 4600 klm 


Engine: The new aircraft, is equipped with the advanced Pratt & Whitney GTF™ new generation engines that contribute to a substantial reduction of CO2 and NOX emission levels, while also lower the noise footprint up to 75%.

Flight range: The reduced fuel consumption enhances AEGEAN’s competitiveness and extends its flight range, enabling the airline to fly to new destinations. 

Cabin: With improved passenger in the cabin, the new aircraft combine ergonomics, extra comfort, and modern aesthetics. They are also equipped with reusable or fully recycled service kits. 

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