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Aerolíneas Argentinas offers 900,000 seats for sale for snow destinations

17 April, 2019

Aerolíneas Argentinas released its winter flight schedule. Focused on snow destinations, the company specially strengthened July and August flights with 900,000 seats available for Mendoza, Neuquén, Bariloche, Chapelco, El Calafate and Ushuaia. This translates into an 8% offer increase as compared to this period in 2018.

During July and August, the route Ushuaia-Buenos Aires will have 29% more flights as compared to 2018, amounting to 41 weekly frequencies. Total seats climb up to 108,340, a 25% growth as against 2018.

Regarding the connection between Ushuaia and Córdoba, there will be one daily flight, unlike 2018 when there were only 4 weekly frequencies, which translates into a 71% growth. Similarly, one more flight will be added to the route with Bahía Blanca, thus reaching 4 weekly frequencies, as against 3 weekly frequencies in 2018. Meanwhile the connection with El Calafate will maintain its 3 weekly flights—matching last year’s offer—but will experience a 67% seat increase due to the use of bigger aircraft.

During July and August, Ushuaia will reach a total of 136,000 seats offered, taking into account all destinations.

The main route between El Calafate and Buenos Aires will be flown with 22 weekly frequencies in July (a 10% increase as compared to 2018) and 28 in August (a 28% increase against the previous year). This is in addition to the 3 weekly frequencies that will connect Ushuaia with the city located in the Province of Santa Cruz. There will be a total of 78,000 available seats during these two months.

Regarding the route between San Carlos de Bariloche and Buenos Aires, an additional flight was added to the flights offered in 2018, rising up to 63 weekly frequencies. This represents 190,740 seats offered during these two months. Moreover, the daily flight between Bariloche and Rosario will still be operated, with a total offer of 11,904 seats. With reference to the route Bariloche-Córdoba, an additional flight will be added this year, amounting to an 8% increase in the number of seats to be operated with higher-capacity airplanes. Aerolíneas will offer a total of 217,000 seats to Bariloche during these two months.

San Martín de los Andes is another strong destination for Aerolíneas Argentinas’ snow season. There will be 16 weekly frequencies in July and 19 in August for its route connecting the city with Buenos Aires. This represents a 10% increase in the number of frequencies for August, when the destination reaches the peak in its operations. Likewise, the number of seats offered during July and August will climb up to 53,720, an 11% growth as against this period in 2018. There are other traditional winter destinations in Neuquén, such as Caviahue, where travelers can go from the capital city of the Province. The city of Neuquén will enjoy 41 weekly frequencies to Buenos Aires and daily frequencies to Córdoba, Mendoza and Comodoro Rivadavia. Thus the capital city will have 168,000 seats during these two months.

The city of Mendoza is another destination expanding its flight schedule during winter months. It will have 69 weekly frequencies in July and 72 in August for its route with Buenos Aires. This translates into 170,000 seats, a 32% increase as compared to last year. The 2018 offer of flights to Córdoba (2 daily frequencies), and daily flights to/from Neuquén and Comodoro Rivadavia will stand. Moreover, the Province will specially strengthen the route San Rafael-Buenos Aires by adding two weekly flights besides the 8 flights operated in 2018. This means 16,000 additional seats, a 28% increase during these two months.

Regarding Esquel, this year Aerolíneas Argentinas will be operating 8 weekly frequencies during the winter season, i.e. 30% more than last year’s season. This amounts to 13,000 seats between July and August, which entails a 30% rise as compared to 2018.

“This offer that we present is the expression of Aerolíneas Argentinas’ leadership in the domestic market, which is displayed by our hubs in Córdoba and Ezeiza and the different federal options we offer to our passengers,” explained Máximo Amadeo, Commercial Director at Aerolíneas Argentinas.

This is how Aerolíneas Argentinas once again supports the wide range of options for tourism throughout the country. The company will offer 900,000 seats for the main snow destinations during this winter. This number translates into an 8% growth as compared to 2018, thus fostering the national tourism industry.

It is worth highlighting that, during the last month, Aerolínas Argentinas reached the highest number of passengers carried in domestic flights during March. The 867,043 passengers who flew throughout the country represented an all-time record for that period, a number which was even higher than the excellent performance recorded in March 2018 with 840,635 passengers. One of the factors that explains this growth is the strong dynamism of the flights throughout the country without the need to go through Buenos Aires. In the last year, the flights through Córdoba Hub experienced a 44% increase. This Hub, which recently celebrated its second anniversary, moves 500,000 passengers per year, uniting the country with reduced connection times by going through Córdoba.

Moreover, as from this month, the new Ezeiza Hub will come into operation. With the transfer of regional flights to the international airport, Aerolíneas Argentinas is working towards boosting the interconnection of foreign countries and other cities throughout Argentina through the Ezeiza Hub with minimum waiting times. The company will have flights to Ezeiza from Córdoba, Mendoza, Salta, Mar del Plata, Bariloche, El Calafate, Iguazú, Trelew, Rosario, Tucumán and Ushuaia, and from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Asunción, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Porto Alegre, Porto Seguro, Rio, São Paulo, Santiago and Montevideo. These flights are in addition to the flights already operated from Ministro Pistarini airport: Bogotá, Cancun, Lima, Madrid, Miami, New York, Punta Cana, Rome and San Salvador de Bahía.

This month, Aerolíneas Argentinas received the “Traveler’s Choice Awards” awarded by the specialized website TripAdvisor, based on opinions and ratings of thousands of travelers. This year, Aerolíneas Group won “Best Major Airline Latin America”, a distinction for the greatest airlines of the region. This recognition is in addition to the three awards obtained last year in three categories: Best Airline in Latin America, Best Business Class in Latin America, and Best Economy Class in Latin America.


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