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Aerolíneas Plus customers have redeemed miles for more than 160K award tickets

23 October, 2018

Between January and September 2018, Aerolíneas Plus customers redeemed their miles for 163,134 tickets, a 29 % increase in comparison to this same period last year. It hit its highest peak in September with 27,153 issued tickets.

October 12, 2018.- During the first nine months of this year, Aerolíneas Plus members redeemed their miles for 163,134 tickets. This represents a 29 % (36,305) increase if compared with this same period in 2017.

It reached its highest peak in September with 27,153 issued tickets, which represents an 89 % rise if compared with September 2017. It is worth mentioning that 75,892 award tickets (46 %) were issued between January and May 2018, and 87,242 award tickets (54 %) were issued during the following four months.

It is also worth mentioning that members may also redeem their miles for their beneficiaries appointed in the Aerolíneas Plus account. Members may appoint up to 10 beneficiaries per calendar year, and a family relationship between the member and the beneficiary is not required. It is also possible to issue award tickets for beneficiaries who will not travel with the main member.

By the same token, members who need extra miles to get award tickets may purchase up to 120,000 miles per calendar year. Another available option is transferring miles between Aerolíneas Plus members. The cost of both operations may be paid in up to 12 interest-free installments through more than 30 banks.

Mileage chart news

Moreover, as of this week Aerolíneas Plus customers may obtain discounts of up to 50 % for redeeming miles and flying throughout the network of destinations. Under the light of this important change, destinations are now broken down into 14 zones instead of 8.

You can now travel (round trip) to: Bariloche for 10K miles (37.5 % less), Córdoba for 6K miles (25 % less), Mendoza for 8K miles (33 % less), Rosario for 4K miles (50 % less), Salta for 10K miles (16 % less), Trelew for 10K miles (16 % less), Tucumán for 8K miles (33 % less), and San Pablo for 14K miles (30 % less).

With this new mileage chart, Aerolíneas Plus improves towards a better rewarding experience for its customers, a more versatile redemption process, and permanently low fares.

There will be more news soon! A new important partner will be joining the program in the following weeks.

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