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Air Europa expands its long-haul fleet to 27 Dreamliners

28 October, 2018
  • Three  new  aircraft  have  been  added  to  strengthen  its  expansion  and  to establish itself among the best airlines
  • The Globalia air division will add five Boeing 787-9 in 2019 and twelve more between 2020 and 2021
  • Air Europa has transported more than 2.5 million passengers in its Dreamliner fleet


Air Europa takes one step further in its growth plan and will have a total of 27 Dreamliners in its long-haul fleet with the aim of establishing itself among the best airlines in the world.

After the second fleet renovation phase that begun last February with the arrival of the first two Boeing 787-9, Air Europa will add three new Dreamliners to the twenty-four originally planned, which strengthens its consolidation as a leading airline.

Specifically, the Globalia tourist group air division will add five new Boeing 787-9 between April and December of next year, and is aiming to incorporate the twelve remaining aircraft gradually between 2020 and 2021. All of them will work alongside the ten Dreamliners (eight B787-8 and two B787-9) which the airline already works with.

The Boeing 787-9, like the 787-8, combines a comfortable interior with an exceptional environmental performance. It has greater passenger and load capacity; it also reduces emissions by 20% and its acoustic impact is 60% less than other planes of its size. This plane also offers Gate to Gate connectivity which allows the passenger to connect to WiFi during the entire flight.

Air Europa added its first Boeing 787-8 in 2016 and, since then has carried more than 2.5 million passengers in its Dreamliner fleet. The airline company currently operates regularly with Dreamliners to Miami, Bogotá, Santo Domingo, Lima, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires with both B787-9s.

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