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Air Serbia campaign for networking

22 July, 2020


Air Serbia, the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, launched a program titled Keep Boarding to enable all passengers to enjoy attractive discounts for different services during their stay in Belgrade and Serbia. Passengers who save their boarding pass from the Air Serbia flight that brought them to the Serbian capital will have discounts to the prices of hotel accommodation, services in restaurants and cafes, touristic attractions, museum visits and transport services. More information about the Keep Boarding project and the partners offering discounts can be viewed at the Air Serbia website. In a short time, the program has garnered great interest from potential partners, with several dozens of them already joining Air Serbia in the joint project for networking and strengthening the touristic offer of Belgrade and Serbia.

“We wanted to create added value for passengers and allow them to get an improved and complete travel experience for the price of their ticket, not just transportation to a destination. Our goal is also to contribute to the quicker recovery of the hospitality sector which, like the aviation industry, is among those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Belgrade has a lot to offer to its visitors, and we believe that with this project, we will provide an impetus for strengthening economic activity in the capital,” said Jiri Marek, General Manager Commercial and Strategy, Air Serbia.

To enjoy the privileges and discounts, the passengers need the original boarding pass for their Air Serbia flight, which they can show at the selected destination during one week since their arrival to Serbia, together with a personal document. The boarding pass can only be used by the owner, but families can enjoy discounts for all members by showing one boarding pass.

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