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Bangkok Airways announces resumption of its flight services

17 May, 2021

Bangkok Airways announces resumption of its direct roundtrip services between Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) – Chiang Mai, Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) – Phuket, starting from 15 May 2021 onwards. In addition, roundtrip flights between Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) – Sukhothai and Bangkok – Lampang will be resuming from 1 June 2021 onwards.

From the resumption, total of 5 routes the airline operates will be as following:

  1. Roundtrip between Bangkok – Samui, operating daily
  2. Roundtrip between Bangkok – Chiang Mai, operating 3 flights per week during 15 – 31 May 2021. Flight frequency will be adjusted to 1 flight daily starting from 1 June 2021 onwards.
  3. Roundtrip between Bangkok – Phuket, operating 1 flight daily
  4. Roundtrip between Bangkok – Sukhothai, operating 4 flights per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)
  5. Roundtrip between Bangkok – Lampang, operating 5 flights per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
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