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Binter adds a new ATR 72-600 to its fleet

11 December, 2020

Binter has received a new aircraft, model ATR 72-600, to incorporate into its fleet of turboprop aircraft. It is a state-of-the-art device, which arrived in the Canary Islands this Friday, and which stands out for its modernity, versatility and efficiency and includes one of the most advanced navigation systems of the time.

This new reception represents a new step in the purchasing process initiated by the company in 2015, with the aim of having one of the most modern fleets in the country. The new aircraft is number 17 of a total of 18 aircraft of the ATR 72-600 model that the company acquired.

The greenest regional aircraft in the world

The aircraft has a capacity of 72 seats and has the latest technologies in the field of assisted navigation tools and the highest standards of comfort for passengers.

This type of aircraft is friendlier to the environment, with lower energy consumption in terms of consumption per passenger and kilometer, and with the ability of taking off and landing on shorter runways, allowing it to operate at airports where larger aircraft cannot.

The purchase of more efficient and sustainable aircraft, together with other improvements in ground equipment, with greener and less polluting fleets; with news regarding the materials that the company uses to provide the service on board in airplanes and in internal policies, they are allowing it to advance in the purpose of carrying out its activity in the most sustainable way possible, reducing the consumption of fossil materials and the generation of waste.

On the other hand, in this airplane model, customers can enjoy a cabin with slimmer seats that allow more space. Another novelty is that the luggage compartments are 30% larger. In addition, details such as an LED lighting system improve the comfort of passengers during the flight.

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