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Binter announces flights to Santander

10 December, 2019

Binter announces its first new route for 2020. From the end of March, the Canary airline will connect the Archipelago with Santander twice a week. 

In a press conference offered at the headquarters of the Government of Cantabria by the regional president, Miguel Ángel Revilla, and the president of Binter, Pedro Agustín del Castillo, the airline has presented the two weekly connections that will be launched at the end of March Mondays and Thursdays with Tenerife and Gran Canaria respectively. 

Pedro Agustín del Castillo has highlighted the company's commitment to quality service, which includes free connection on this route with any island in the Canary Islands. “Passengers who decide to fly with Binter from Santander may do so to any island in the Canary Islands for the same price, since we do not charge the inter-island section on this route on connecting flights; the same offer works for the Canaries, so coming to Santander from one island or another will cost a similar price, ”said the president of Binter, who was convinced of the attractiveness of this route for both Cantabrians and Canaries. 

For his part, Miguel Ángel Revilla has indicated that the Canary Islands is an important market for Cantabria, remembering that connections with the islands have mobilized 60,000 passengers to date, of which 40,000 correspond to the flight to Tenerife, which operated throughout the year. , and 20,000 to Gran Canaria, which only worked during the summer. 

The passengers of the new route will enjoy the advantages of the product offered by Binter and that distinguishes it from other airlines on a flight of about three hours: the comfort of their aircraft with a configuration of two seats on each side and with more space between rows, seat selection and luggage check-in included and a high quality on-board service that includes a courtesy menu on national and international flights and a snack on inter-island connections.

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