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Binter receives its fourth Embraer E195-E2 aircraft

21 March, 2021

It is the quietest, cleanest and most efficient single aisle jet in its category, of which the airline has purchased a total of five aircraft. Ch-Aviation has recognized Binter as the third airline with the youngest fleet in Europe in 2021. 

The fourth of the five E195-E2 aircraft ordered by Binter from the manufacturer Embraer landed at the Gran Canaria Airport. The aircraft, which will receive the name Lanzarote, will soon be incorporated into the Canary airline's operation and will cover national, international and some high-demand routes between the islands.

It is an aircraft model that is widely accepted by airline customers due to its characteristics and performance. The E195-E2 is a very quiet, clean and efficient single aisle jet that provides passengers with a very comfortable experience, since the aircraft, with a configuration of 132 seats, has a distance of 31 inches between the rows to improve the comfort of its occupants. In addition, it has an upper compartment with the capacity to hold up to one carry-on bag per traveler.

The aircraft also incorporates important improvements, which allow the reduction of fuel consumption.It is considered the greenest aircraft in its class and has the lowest levels of noise and external emissions.

`Ch-Aviation World´s Youngest Aircraft Fleet Award 2021´

This week Binter has been recognized for the renewal of its fleet by the Swiss provider of intelligence services to airlines Ch-Aviation, within its annual award `Ch-Aviation World´s Youngest Aircraft Fleet Award´.

It is an award that recognizes those airlines that strive to maintain a young, modern and efficient fleet and from the service provider itself they clarify that it is based entirely on objective and non-manipulable fleet data. 

The company has managed to rise to third place in the ranking of the youngest aircraft fleets in Europe, with an average of 3.53 years of its 26 aircraft.

In this sense, Ch-Aviation highlights the significant contribution that the renewal of the fleets makes for the reduction of C02 emissions and an improvement in consumption efficiency.

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