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COVID-19 Getting Back to Business



1. Act Now, Before Others

As you read this, some of your competitors are still struggling, thinking how they recover their business.   Airlines, hotel chains, DMCs & tourism boards alike, need to go back to the drawing board & think of how to re-build their business.   Don’t waste time.  Take action : tell your customers that your product is available & you have some great offers for them!

TAL Aviation’s social media channels are proving to be busier these days.  Use our platform to reach a new audience :  tell us about your new Summer 2020 schedules!  Share with us the measures that your company takes for social distancing, aircraft cleaning, or food preparation in your hotel facilities...  TAL AVIATION GROUP:   LinkedIn  Facebook 

ACT NOW & share your story through our Social Media


2. Discover New Customers 

Companies re-opening their doors this month, are calling upon their old clients.  A wise move but what about all other consumers out there?   While your competitors are scratching their heads, tell customers in Russia and Czech Republic about your new flight offers.  Tell travellers in Turkey and Italy about holiday packages that you sell.  Present your premium product to business travellers in USA, Canada or Mexico.

Discover new customers using our reach & local contacts. View our Global Network.


3. Reduce Your Costs 

Our customers tell us how marketing budgets have shrunk or vanished.  The travel industry has lost millions of employees, many of whom will not regain their jobs this year.  You need to reduce your costs but you need to grow your sales.  How do you do that?  

We have sales and marketing teams across more than 35 countries in Europe, M. East and North & Central America.  Whether you need a sales expert out in the market, you want to participate in a local webinar for the travel trade, or go on a 3 day sales blitz throughout the country, we can tailor-make the exact offer for you. 

Need office space to share?  Thinking of moving from larger premises in to more cost effective address?  TAL Aviation multiple office locations are often located in or near city centers.  

Write to us to find out more about market opportunities plus office space sharing options.   


4. Create Attractive Offers, That Customers Cannot Refuse 

As Charles Darwin is often quoted “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, it is the one that is most adaptable to change”.  The recent crisis has shown us those who were unable to adapt. 

Now's your chance to change.  Consider a new marketing strategy: create new deals, offer new destinations, talk to customers in various languages, choose diversified selling channels, use outsourced solutions, look for revenue opportunities in new countries and new markets.

We are already receiving requests for new groups!  Create your attractive offer now, come up with your own special group fares and spread the word through our channels, rather than spending your funds on heavy marketing campaigns.

Tell your story on our next webinar... TAL Aviation conducts ongoing webinars to the travel trade.   Our next ones will take place starting May in Istanbul, Moscow, Warsaw.

Got a new product to sell?   A new destination to fly to?    Changes to in-flight service?   

We invite you to take part in one of our upcoming travel trade webinars in Italy, Romania, Turkey, Russia, & tell your story to hundreds of travel experts! 

ACT NOW ! Find out about our upcoming webinars. 


5. Widen Your Choices.  Learn What We Can Offer 

Our teams have experience of over 30 years in the travel, tourism, aviation and hospitality industries.   Spread over 35 countries, we speak to communities in Portuguese, Greek, German, French, Russian, Armenian and more.   We have gained the trust of companies with proud heritage such as : American Airlines, Qantas Airways, Wyndham hotels, Cathay Pacific, Tour East DMC, Bangkok Air and many more.
We can offer quick solutions for getting back to business : Call centers, dedicated sales teams, local trade shows, branded mailings, and more. 


Re-Shaping The Future Together





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COVID-19 Getting Back to Business
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