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Domestic flights within Iceland

23 March, 2021

From March 2021, Icelandair offers easy domestic flights within Iceland. Smooth flight connections now link all parts of the country with Reykjavik and with Icelandair destinations in Europe, North America and Greenland. All this can be done in one journey, with one ticket.

We love our capital and we think you will too. But if you're coming to Iceland (or coming back for a repeat visit), why not explore the far-flung corners? Traveling within Iceland just got a lot easier. Combine your innate curiosity for big adventures with our North Atlantic expertise and our new, expanded route network for the adventure of a lifetime.

Icelandair domestic destinations

From the domestic airport close to downtown Reykjavik, we fly to the following airports in Iceland. Flight times are under 1 hour.

Akurevri (North Iceland) Iceland's second city is home to 18,000, and sits at the end of the country's longest fjord. 

Egilsstaðir (East Iceland) The beautiful east has quiet fjords, forests, lakes and mountains to explore.

Ísafjörður (Westfjords) The Westfjords are truly off the beaten track, with magnificent wild landscapes.

Vestmannaeyjar (South Iceland) Also known as the Westman Islands, this spectacular archipelago is just 20 minutes flight from Reykjavík. 

Icelandair domestic flights

Our domestic flights are operated on Bombardier aircraft, and due to their smaller size, the service on board is limited compared to that on board the larger Boeing aircraft that connect Iceland with Europe and North America. 

Read more about the classes of service and cabin experience on domestic flights.

Baggage allowances for domestic flights are the same as for international flights, with some restrictions to hand luggage due to smaller overhead compartments. Read more about baggage for domestic flights.

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