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EVA Again Ranks at Forefront of Airline Safety

20 January, 2021

Taiwan-based Eva Air ranks 9th among the world’s Top-20 Safest Airlines in the World for 2021, based on analyses by the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC). The latest ranking and assessments were released in the February 2021 edition of Germany’s “AERO International Magazine.” This honor follows EVA’s recent recognition as 6th in’s World’s Safest Airlines for 2021

Using its “Risk Index,” JACDEC evaluated 33 parameters for annual overall rankings by comparing a value for each airline’s accumulated operations with those of other carriers. It considered factors such as fleet age, IATA flight safety audits, serious flight accidents and flight losses over the past 30 years. Since JACDEC began releasing airline safety ranking in 2003, EVA has consistently ranked at the forefront in its top 100 safest airlines. 

“EVA and the entire aviation industry are facing enormous challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. As we work to provide necessary services during these trying times, we remain fully committed to safety management and training,” said EVA President Clay Sun. “EVA is honored to be recognized by JACDEC and This recognition is a credit to our conscientious, hard-working EVA staff and encourages us to continue to do our best to uphold the highest standards of safety in the air and on the ground without compromise.” 

When EVA was established in 1989, it invested in flight simulators and cabin-training facilities to help its crew develop and continuously improve essential skills, placing extra emphasis on all of the details that help ensure flight safety. Since 2006, EVA has embraced an SMS (Safety Management System) and thoroughly incorporated safety into all processes and procedures. EVA also sets Safety Performance Indicators & Targets (SPITs) and undertakes quarterly evaluations to coordinate and further improve safety management. 

EVA has made training its flight safety cornerstone. Though COVID-19 impacted 2020 operations, EVA maintained safety training. It conducted nine training programs for its entire staff, offering access to some on E-Learning platforms and further weaving safety into the fibers of its culture. EVA is unrelenting in its efforts to keep safety as the top priority for every staff member.

EVA has always endeavored to maintain the highest standards of flight safety as a core value. Through hard work over the past 30 years, recognition by JACDEC, and other respected aviation authorities consistently highlights EVA’s noteworthy performance. The airline has also earned repeated certifications from IATA’s Operational Safety Audits (IOSA) that take place every two years. Travelers can learn more about EVA’s award-winning services, COVID-19 safety procedures and global route system or book flights at

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