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EVA Air extends Membership Tier, Award Miles and Award Tickets Validity

25 November, 2020

In light of the ongoing pandemic situation and travel restrictions imposed by governments, as a token of our appreciation to Infinity MileageLands members for the support during this very trying time, since February 2020, EVA Air has implemented measures, such as extension on membership tier, award miles and complimentary electronic upgrade certificate in a progressive manner to preserve our members’ benefits. With that being said, given the recent evolving circumstances which continue to affect your travel plans, EVA Air now takes further steps to keep your privileges and faith on us. The new implementation on validity extension involves not only membership tier and award miles, but award tickets as well.

Details of the new measure on validity extension are as follows:

1. Card Tier Extension

  • For Diamond Card, Gold Card, Silver Card members whose current card tier expires between 
    February 2021 and January 2022, the validity will be extended for 12 months. 
Current Card Tier Expiry DateNew Card Tier Expiry Date after Extension
2021/02 2022/02
2021/03 2022/03
2021/04 2022/04
2021/05 2022/05
2021/06 2022/06
2021/07 2022/07
2021/08 2022/08
2021/09 2022/09
2021/10 2022/10
2021/11 2022/11
2021/12 2022/12
2022/01 2023/01
  • Members are encouraged to visit Eva Air website and log into their Infinity MileageLands accounts or download EVA Mobile App for the latest card tier status update. 
    In addition, members can provide their membership numbers before airport check-in to ensure mileage credit and enjoy membership benefits as well.


2. Award Miles Extension

For members having award miles set to be expired from December 2020 to June 2021, the validity will be extended to July 2021.

Current Award Miles Expiry DateNew Award Miles Expiry Date after Extension
2020/12 2021/07
2021/01 2021/07
2021/02 2021/07
2021/03 2021/07
2021/04 2021/07
2021/05 2021/07
2021/06 2021/07


3. Award Ticket Extension

  1. For members holding valid EVA Air/UNI Air international flight award tickets (ticket number starting with 695 only) issued by December, 2020 and without past records of validity extension, they can apply for extension of ticket validity to 31 December 2021. This approach applies to both fully unused or partially used tickets and regardless of flight cancellation.
  2. For those holding award tickets with extended ticket validity, be they fully unused or partially used, they can apply for extension of ticket validity for a maximum of 6 months. The new validity cannot exceed December 31, 2021 after extension. 
  3. All members who apply for either plan (1) or (2) stated above are entitled to options below: 
    a. It is permitted to reroute. The expired miles are exempt from collection provided the revised itinerary meets the same criteria as the previous ticket. 
    b. It is permitted to change to next higher cabin class, e.g. voluntarily change from economy class to premium economy. The differences of award miles will be collected but expired miles are exempt from collection. 
    c. It is permitted to change to next lower cabin class, e.g. voluntarily change from premium economy class to economy class. We will refund valid award miles but expired mileage will not be able to extend validity. 
  4. Tax differences, if any, occurred from above modifications will be collected. A service fee of USD50 will be applied to Green card members for each ticket reissuance.
  5. The extension of award ticket does not apply to Star Alliance routes/flights and EVA Air/UNI Air aircraft changes. 
  6. This Extension program cannot be combined with other special offers.

4. Other Conditions

  1. The extension of membership tier status validity and award miles validity will be processed automatically by EVA Air. For members applying award ticket validity extension, please contact EVA Air office in your region.
  2. EVA Air reserves the following rights: 
    a. to modify and/or discontinue the Extension program at any time. 
    b. to modify the terms and conditions of the Extension program at any time.

Members’ health and safety is our first priority. We care, we connect, and we fly with confidence. 

The sky is bright. We keep the faith and the Covid-19 outbreak will fall behind. We will fly together and will meet each other to start our brand new chapter of journey again.

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