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EVA Launches Online Mileage Mall Shopping Site

19 December, 2021

EVA Air unveiled the EVA Mileage Mall, a new online shopping site.  The enticing site is powered by Collinson Valuedynamx and, world-renowned developers for member loyalty programs. EVA is the first airline in Taiwan to give its frequent flyer program members opportunities to easily earn more miles by simply shopping on its site. 

“EVA is committed to offering our members a more diversified loyalty program that is relevant and useful in daily life,” said EVA President Clay Sun. “Our EVA Mileage Mall gives valued members ready access to goods and products they want and enables us to enhance the overall value of our Infinity MileageLands program.” 

EVA Mileage Mall includes more than 2,900 curated brands from around the world. Editions are specifically designed for 12 different regions, including Taiwan, the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom, France and Italy. Loyalty program members can choose the region where they want to shop and have purchases delivered. The EVA Mileage Mall offers a wide selection of popular merchandise, from electronics, entertainment and leisure products to daily necessities, fitness equipment and skincare products, fashion apparel, luxury products and much more. All Infinity MileageLands members can shop for items they want and earn extra miles whenever and wherever they like. Rewards will vary based on brand selected, sales and special offers tailored to local holidays. 

EVA looks for opportunities to collaborate with international companies that have expertise in building and powering e-commerce platforms and  capabilities to add value to our membership programs by introducing more functions. This strategy elevates EVA’s relationship with its members, advances new sources of customers and further strengthens their loyalty, establishing a springboard for quickly ramping up airline services in a post-pandemic market. 

While COVID-19 continues to compress air travel demand and shrink  opportunities for passengers to earn rewards, the brand-new EVA Mileage Mall enables them to accumulate miles quickly and easily that they can not only redeem for air tickets and service upgrades but also use to buy EVA duty-free products. Infinity MileageLands members can enjoy all of the rewards and benefits provided by their credit card bank and earn extra miles when  they shop favorite brands in the new EVA Mileage Mall.

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