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EVA Offers New Online Automated Check-in Service

15 August, 2021

Eva Air is continually working to further improve ground-service quality and convenience, especially now with all the challenges created by COVID-19. Starting Wednesday, 11 August, 2021, it began offering “Automated Check-in,” a new online service for passengers taking international flights operated by EVA and UNI Air that is available as soon as they make reservations and pay for their tickets, as many days in advance of their flights as they wish, wherever they are. The system automatically checks them in for every EVA and UNI flight on their trip itinerary. This new service is available at or on the EVA Mobile APP. 

Over the past few years, EVA has steadily transformed time-consuming face-to-face airport counter services into paperless digital functions that passengers can access at their convenience. In addition, paperless functions provide added benefits by reducing carbon emissions and environmental impacts. As long as COVID-19 disruptions persist, these services enhance passenger and airline ground staff safety by minimizing the amount of time they spend in direct contact at the airport. 

EVA and UNI Air will send auto check-in completion notification links 48 hours before scheduled departures, enabling international passengers to complete the recently introduced health declaration forms required for flights and get electronic boarding passes. Passengers will simply need to enter personal information to complete the process. Passengers can also change seats if another they prefer is available. Those traveling with infants, in groups or requiring special services will still need to complete check-in procedures at the airport counter. 

EVA is working with Affinidi and AOKpass to test their verification solution programs while it evaluates other leading developers in anticipation of implementing universally accepted electronic health passports. Long after COVID runs its course, EVA will continue to seek innovative technologies it can use to give passengers increasingly personalized services, safer travel experiences and easier procedures from booking flights to airport departure, baggage claim and arrival.

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