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EVA Simplifies Checked Bag Allowances

27 June, 2022

Eva Air ends its two-system policy for checked bags, starting on June 23, 2022, making travel easier for passengers. The change ends the weight-based concept EVA has been using for international flights to/from Europe and Oceania and within Asia and increases baggage allowances for passengers on those routes. The airline will apply the piece-based concept for checked luggage on all its flights worldwide, making EVA’s policies consistent with those of its coshare partners and other Star Alliance members. EVA is the first airline in Taiwan to apply piece-concept baggage rules throughout its network. Travelers can learn more about EVA and its checked baggage policies at Flight Information- Checked Baggage - EVA Air | North America (English).

Under the piece concept, passengers booked in Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business Class are allowed two pieces weighing up to 32kg (70lbs) each. Premium Economy and Economy Class passengers can check two pieces that weigh as much as 23kg (50lbs) each. 

“We’ve been using two baggage-check systems since we launched our maiden flight, applying the piece concept on transpacific routes to and from the U.S. and Canada and the weight concept for passengers within Asia and to/from Europe and Oceania,” said EVA President Clay Sun. “The piece concept for checked baggage is used by other Star Alliance members and major international airlines worldwide. Our policy change makes it less confusing for passengers to check their luggage and more convenient for those connecting to other airlines. It also enables us to further improve airport and transit services by creating a smoother baggage-check and transfer process globally.” 

The weight concept capped the checked baggage allowances for Economy Class passengers to/from Asia, Europe and Oceania at 30kg (66lbs). Comparing that system with one that’s piece-based:


Weight Concept (Old)

Piece Concept


Royal Laurel / Premium Laurel / Business

40kg (88lbs)

2 pieces, 32kg (70lbs) each

Premium Economy

35kg (77lbs)

2 pieces, 23kg (50lbs) each


30kg (66lbs)

2 pieces, 23kg (50lbs) each

*The piece concept for passengers to/from the U.S. and Canada is not changing. EVA has slightly adjusted the single-piece weight limit for Premium Economy. 

EVA is accompanying its introduction of the new checked baggage policy with special fare family products designed especially for travelers  with less baggage. Among them are an all-new Economy Class "Discount" fare available for travel on all routes and an affordable "Basic" fare with a free checked baggage allowance of 23kg (50lbs) on flights within Asia. 

EVA’s Infinity MileageLands Diamond, Gold and Silver Card members can receive an allowance for an additional free checked bag, based on membership status. Once the new policy is fully adopted, EVA’s original extra checked bag policy, allowing one piece of luggage that weighs 23kg (50lb) or less and applying to passengers in all cabins, adjusts to one additional bag, based on booking class. Travelers can also use the EVA Prepaid Excess Baggage service and earn a 10 percent discount in the process. 

EVA is continually seeking products and practices to create more secure, convenient and comfortable flying experiences for passengers.

As more countries enter a post-pandemic phase, EVA is diligently refining and improving its service quality. As soon as Taiwan lifts its border restrictions and EVA can get back to the business of flying travelers around the globe, passengers will be able to make good use of the new baggage allowances.

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