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First ATR 72-600 Aircraft

22 February, 2021

The TAROM company received the first aircraft from the 9 ATR 72-600 series, currently being the only airline in Romania that includes aircraft of this type, with this configuration.

This European aircraft model is capable of landing with independent and high-precision means of flight in low visibility conditions (LPV-200). The aircraft has an increased transport capacity compared to the existing ATR aircraft in the TAROM fleet, can carry up to 72 passengers, over a maximum distance of approximately 1500 km and is meant to serve the domestic and regional market.

TAROM has significant experience in operating this type of aircraft, which means that maintenance can be provided by the staff of the Technical Department within the company, and the training of flight crews and technical staff will be done with minimal costs, borne by the manufacturer. .

The aircraft are purchased under operational leasing, for a period of 10 years, will be used for regional flights (internal and external) and will replace the ATRs that the company currently has in its fleet.

For TAROM, the development and modernization of the fleet was and is a major priority of the management team, that is why we are very happy to start the delivery of the 9 ATR 72-600 aircraft.

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