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Fly confidently with Cathay Care

3 August, 2020

Cathay Care is our commitment to your wellbeing. We understand your concerns, and have introduced enhanced measures across every stage of the journey – from check-in to the cabin – so you can take off with confidence.

Contactless check-in and boarding Contactless check-in and boarding

We’re striving to minimise contact during check-in and boarding.

  • Online check-in and self-service facilities
  • Physical distancing and screens
  • Health declaration upon check-in
  • Automatic and biometric gates at boarding (available in selected ports). E-boarding coming soon to Hong Kong.

Wait with confidence Wait with confidence 

You can relax in our lounges knowing we have your wellbeing in mind.

  • All passengers have been temperature checked
  • All staff and passengers are required to wear face coverings
  • Adjusted meal services to reduce contact

Prioritising you on board Prioritising you on board

We’re taking every measure to reduce your contact and safeguard your health.

  • Mandatory face coverings throughout the flight 
  • All passengers are temperature checked 
  • Blocking off seats wherever possible

A clean travel environment A clean travel environment

We’ve ramped up our sanitisation and service flow to ensure you're protected in the air.

  • Thorough sanitisation of all surfaces – from in-flight screens to air conditioning controls – between every flight
  • A modified meal service designed to reduce contact with crew
  • Temporary suspension of the pre-meal bar and pre-poured drinks (drinks will still be available throughout the flight)

HEPA filtered cabin air HEPA filtered cabin air

Our HEPA filter and air circulation technology ensures the highest possible quality of air.

  • Removes 99.999 per cent of airborne contaminants
  • Recirculates air every two minutes 
  • Offers a similar level of performance to those used to keep the air clean in hospital operating rooms and industrial clean rooms

Our cabin crew Our cabin crew

Our crew follow detailed safety procedures to protect the wellbeing of everyone onboard.

  • Masks, gloves and goggles provided for all crew
  • Strict layover guidelines including no contact with the local community and close medical surveillance


Protection measures at Hong Kong International Airport

Temperature checks and masks

Mandatory face coverings and temperature checks for all passengers, crew and staff.

Cleaning and sanitisation

Increased sanitisation, including the deployment of sterilisation robots. Hand sanitiser is widely available throughout the airport.

Social distancing

Physical distancing measures throughout the airport.

Germ-resistant surfaces

Trial application of antimicrobial coating across all passenger facilities.

Protecting passengers

Mandatory health declarations, COVID-19 testing and quarantine for all arriving passengers.

Safeguarding staff

Trial of a full-body disinfection channel for staff involved in quarantine and public health duties.


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