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Montenegro promo day in Zurich

25 February, 2020

Montenegro's national airline, Montenegro Airlines, recently hosted a landmark Montenegro Promo Day event in Zurich, which brought together a large number of tourism employees and representatives of the Montenegrin and Swiss tourism industries.

"Montenegrin Tourism Product Promotion Day" is the first major official gathering of representatives of the Montenegrin tourism industry after a long break in this market, and it was organized precisely for the purpose of establishing closer cooperation between the two countries. All-day activities, press conferences, presentations, B2B meetings, were carried out in cooperation with the Embassy of Montenegro in the Swiss Confederation, and the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro. : Hilton, Maestral, Mediterranean, Splendid, Avala, Chedi Hotel, Lustica Bay Complex, as well as the Compass and Explorer DMC agencies and the National Parks of Montenegro.

The Embassy of Montenegro in Berne wholeheartedly supports and participates in the implementation of the idea to organize as many similar activities as possible, thus presenting the potentials and diversity of our tourist offer to as many potential visitors as possible. I am pleased with the great response and expressed interest of the Swiss media and tour operators, as well as the excellent promotion by representatives of Montenegro Airlines, National Tourism Organization, National Parks and representatives of the tourist industry from Montenegro. I am convinced that the future events, which the Embassy plans to implement in cooperation with Montenegro Airlines and the National Tourism Organization, and above all the planning of further activities for the promotion of Montenegro in one of the richest countries in the world, will produce results and increase the number of guests from this Alpine country who will visit Montenegro ".

We are seeing an increase in the number of passengers in all markets. The Swiss market is very important to us, both countries have great tourism and economic potential, great places, culture and people worth meeting. In addition, a significant number of Montenegrins live in Switzerland today, and have a great emotional connection with relatives and roots in their home country, so I hope that Montenegro Airlines will be there for each of their new encounters, as well as the stay of all tourists, business partners and from both countries. "

Deputy Commercial Director of MA, Dejan Pizurica, spoke about the Podgorica-Zurich line, which is one of the first regular destinations in the company, since its establishment: "Montenegro Airlines currently operates three times a week to Zurich, and as many as six will fly during the summer season. Our connection goes beyond the level of business cooperation, since we have been flying to Switzerland from the very beginning of the company, which speaks volumes about the importance of connecting both markets. In 2019, Podgorica-Zurich transported 27,684 passengers, with an average occupancy of 60%. ".

Participants interested in the Swiss tourism industry were: KUONI Dertour, TUI Suisse, TUI Dietikon, TUI Zumikon, Imbach Wanderferien, CGS, Hotelplan, Traveler Travel, Internet Reisen, All Ways Reisen, Twerenbold, Globus Reisen, Mediareisen, Ba Thurga, Thurga Reisen, Globetrotter, CGS, Balkan Holidays and Hürlimann Studienreisen.

The promotion was also attended by representatives of Zurich Airport, Basel Airport, the Swiss Air Transport Association, and AAS, which is Montenegro Airlines' handling agent at Zurich Airport.

All participants of the event believe that this form of promotion was very successful, and that the contacts made will yield results even when the upcoming summer season is at stake. NTOs say that participation in this event is very important from the point of view of contacts and visibility of Montenegro as a tourist destination in the Swiss market: "We expect that such events will contribute to the promotion and creation of the image of Montenegro in the Central European market, which shows a significant increase in visits. Attractive offers for active holidays, cycling and hiking trails, panoramic roads and untouched nature are attracting an increasing number of guests from Switzerland, and this year's growth trend continued when Montenegro visited by 53% more tourists from this market in 2019. 50% more nights compared to 2018.

The interest of the Swiss in the tourist offer of Montenegro is confirmed by the already received group inquiries for flights of Montenegro Airlines at this destination by the Swiss TO Hotelplan.

In the next period, in cooperation with the Embassy of Montenegro in the Swiss Confederation, a meeting with representatives of the Montenegrin Diaspora associations in this country is planned.

Also, B2B meetings of representatives of real estat representatives of the two countries are being organized, which would promote Montenegro as a destination in this way as well. The launch of the real estate market would have the effect of further increasing the passenger volume of Montenegro Airlines flights.

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