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Orange Circle takes off with SunExpress

17 March, 2021

SunExpress becomes the first airline to be awarded a certificate under the ‘Orange Circle’ hygiene program, initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

In the past weeks, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality expanded the scope of the Orange Circle certificate program given to restaurants and accommodation facilities, which prove to comply with strict Covid-19 hygiene rules. SunExpress, one of the leading leisure airlines, which provides service at high international standards to its passengers, has become the first airline to be awarded the Orange Circle Certificate.

Having successfully met 65 evaluation criteria in 11 categories, SunExpress received the Orange Circle Certificate from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer.

Certified flights provide even more peace of mind

SunExpress CEO Max Kownatzki stated: “As the home carrier of Izmir, we are very excited to collaborate with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken many significant steps towards strengthening the tourism of Izmir since the beginning of the pandemic. At SunExpress, we are taking every measure for a safe and worry-free travel experience. We are now the first airline to receive the Orange Circle Certificate awarded by the municipality for our safe and hygienic business. This has, once again, proven that SunExpress is an expert in providing healthy and hygienic travel to our guests.”

Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We have expanded the Orange Circle Hygiene Certification Program in a way to include airlines so that everyone can travel to Izmir safely. Thus, the Orange Circle Hygiene Certificate will give travelers peace of mind throughout their journey. I would like to thank SunExpress for their cooperation with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. I hope the certified flights that we have started from Izmir together with SunExpress today will become a role model for other airlines.”

Auditing at international standards

Hygiene audit criteria for airlines, determined by the Tourism Hygiene Executive Board under the coordination of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Foreign Relations and Tourism, combine standards of the International Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Association of Air Transport Agencies (IATA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA).

Checking every step before, during and after flight

Air travel hygiene audits consist of several criteria such as precautions taken, waste management, actions to be taken in case of suspicious passengers showing Covid-19 symptoms during flight, precautions taken during and after a flight, air conditioning inside the cabin, cleaning and disinfection processes. Airlines are also inspected on-site in terms of their compliance with hygiene standards of their operating areas.

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