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Setting new records, Aerolineas Argentinas consolidates its growth in May, with more passengers carried and improvements in punctuality

14 June, 2017

The results achieved by Aerolineas Argentinas during the month of May confirm the strong growth maintained by the company. There were increases in passengers carried, flight punctuality and sales, resulting from the expanded offer of tickets for the winter season and the results of the hot week.

The results of May, very much in line with the company's consistent performance during the first quarter, show a 21% increase in passengers carried compared to 2016 and 24.6% in relation to the same month in 2015. During May, the Aerolineas Group carried 964,722 passengers, at a seat occupancy rate of 79.3%, vs. 68.48% registered in 2016 and 70.19% reached in 2015.

In terms of punctuality, Aerolíneas continues to consolidate its position as a leading company: during May it reached 88% of punctuality with 9,279 legs flown and 99.1% departure compliance. The year-round average, including May 2017, is 88%.

The excellent monthly results are also reflected in sales, with an increase of 26% compared to May 2016 and 17% compared to May 2015. These results are the consequence of the wide offer that the company presented for the winter season and sales during the hot week. The company sold 17.6% more tickets than in 2016 and 32% more than in 2015.

Some highlights of the month of May:

• May 2017 is a sales record among all the months of May in the history of the company;
• May 2017 marks a historic sales record on the web, compared to any other month in the company's history without affecting the sale by other channels;
• Compared to 2015, passenger growth doubles the increase in seats, marking a strong growth in flight occupancy

"We are carrying out the Aircraft Revolution to double the number of domestic passengers and Aerolíneas Argentinas has a fundamental role in this context. Our airline is leading this enormous development and demonstrates it every day with its unstoppable growth", Guillermo Dietrich, Minister of Transport of the Nation.

"These results are the fruit of the effort and commitment at all levels of the company, with a team that wants to see Aerolíneas grow and lead in this new market phase", said Mario Dell'Acqua, President of the Aerolíneas Group. "With better flight connections, adequate schedules, more punctuality and a more solid product, we are making people who never traveled by plane choose us," added the executive.

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