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SkyUp updates summer season flight schedule

20 July, 2020

SkyUp partially optimises the summer programme, and in some destinations postpones the start of flights.

Despite our hopes for an early opening of borders and lifting of quarantine restrictions, the return to a full restoration of international flights is so far very slow.

The European Union and countries of other regions continue to apply restrictions on the entry of Ukrainians, so we are forced to optimise the previously planned flight programme. Some of the routes are completely canceled, since they were planned specifically for the summer season. Another part of the destinations, which were planned to be launched on an ongoing basis, will start later.

Routes to be excluded from summer navigation season 2020: 

  • Kyiv — Majorca  — Kyiv
  • Kyiv — Tenerife — Kyiv
  • Kyiv — Lamezia Terme — Kyiv, also flights from regions
  • Kyiv — Corfu — Kyiv
  • Kyiv — Zakynthos — Kyiv
  • Kyiv — Catania — Kyiv
  • Kyiv — Rimini — Kyiv, also flights from regions
  • Odesa — Yerevan — Odesa
  • Lviv — Batumi — Lviv
  • Zaporizhzhia — Batumi — Zaporizhzhia
  • Odesa — Batumi — Odesa
  • Lviv — Heraklion — Lviv
  • Odesa — Heraklion — Odesa
  • Zaporizhzhia — Heraklion — Zaporizhzhia
  • Zaporizhzhia — Prague — Zaporizhzhia
  • Kyiv — Pisa — Kyiv
  • Kyiv — Bari — Kyiv
  • Lviv — Paris (Beauvais) — Lviv
  • Kharkiv — Paris (Beauvais) — Kharkiv
  • Odesa — Tbilisi — Odesa
  • Kharkiv — Tbilisi — Kharkiv
  • Zaporizhzhia — Tel Aviv — Zaporizhzhia

Flights to Varna in Bulgaria are canceled, and only Burgas remains.

Countries where the start of flights is postponed until 15 August inclusive:

  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Italy, except for flights Lviv — Naples — Lviv, scheduled for 03.08., 07.08. and 10.08.
  • Spain
  • France
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Armenia
  • Israel

Active summer season 2020 destinations

As a reminder, SkyUp is gradually restoring charter and regular flights within Ukraine and abroad. We fly from Kyiv to Odesa and Zapprizhzhia, from Kharkiv and Lviv to Odesa, and from Lviv to Kherson. We also operate charter flights to Egypt, Turkey, and regular flights to Albania.

From 22 July, we plan to resume regular flights to Bulgaria, namely, to Burgas. The flights will be operated once a week from Kharkiv and Lviv and three times a week from Kyiv. Tickets are available to purchase on

Stay tuned for upcoming flight announcements on our website.

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