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Smartphone Apps


What is TAL Travel App?

TAL Travel App is a worldwide smartphone application making travelling fun and easy.  It’s like having a personal tour guide in your pocket.

Its features include:

  • Audio-guided tours: the widest selection of worldwide, multilingual, GPS-based voice guided tours!
  • FREE GPS-based online & offline maps: see where you are on the map even without an active internet connection!
  • FREE unique restaurant, bar, club recommendation system: maps showing the most popular restaurants, shops, bars and sites around you according to the social media input of hundreds of millions of users!
  • FREE built-in hotels comparison system: use to find the best available hotel rates. 

TAL Travel App - your personal tour guide

TAL Travel App makes planning your trip easy and effortless and your best friend while travelling.


Voice Guided Tours

Planning on visiting a city or already there and not wanting to take an organized tour? Take a self-guided tour…

TAL Travel App offers over 300 professional audio guide tours for over 80 cities in more than 10 languages (English, Italian, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, and Russian). The audio tours are made by professional tour guides from all around the world. Whether you are looking for restaurants, sight-seeing, road trips, museums, fashion, and more, TAL Travel App covers them all!


Interactive Maps & Tour Routes

Visiting a city and need help getting around? Use a multilingual and easy to use map or tour route to guide you…

TAL Travel App offers interactive maps and tour routes which are GPS enabled meaning no wifi/3G is required. The maps can be downloaded to your smartphone for off-line access with no roaming costs, completely FREE.


Unique Recommendation Feature

Planning on visiting a city and searching for a recommended hotel or restaurant?

TAL Travel App offers a unique recommendation feature that ranks restaurants, shops and bars by popularity using a smart engine collecting millions of social signals from local businesses and social networks recommending where and when to go.


Hotels - Best Rate Guarantee Search

Planning on visiting a city and searching for an attractive hotel rate?

Use the free built-in hotels comparison system to find the best available hotel rates!!

TAL Travel App -  your personal tour guide
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Smartphone Apps
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