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SriLankan Airlines unveils its latest brand video

3 March, 2020

SriLankan Airlines’, the National Carrier of Sri Lanka and a member of the prestigious oneworld alliance, revolutionizing its brand building endeavors launched its latest brand video ‘Ode to Paradise’ at PVR Cinemas, One Galle Face recently.

The production titled ‘Ode to Paradise’ revisits the fond memories of ‘Blue Waters’ melody through a modern take, featuring a lineup of Sri Lanka’s well-loved icons such as Jacqueline Fernandez, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardena, Peter Kuruvita and Bathiya&Santhush, through whose eyes, the multifaceted beauty of the island is unveiled- all this in the vibrant backdrop of SriLankan Airlines as the messenger that takes the story of Sri Lanka to the world.

SriLankan Airlines’ Chairman Mr. Ashok Pathirage said, “As we strive to lead the National Carrier to finer climates, looking after this well-loved brand will be a priority. Therefore, this brand video will be the beginning of many more of such initiatives by the National Carrier, which will lay a strong foundation to help achieve the commercial and national objectives in the long run. Specially at a time that we explore the possibilities of flying into some of the most lucrative markets in Australia, Asia and Europe, endeavors to establish the SriLankan Airlines brand typically translate to establishing Sri Lanka, the destination.”

‘Ode to Paradise’ captures the mesmerizing beauty of Sri Lanka’s unique and picturesque landscapes, the inherent warmth and caring ways of its people and the beats and rhythms of the cultural vibrancy that has held the world in awe.

Some of the featured celebrities who were present on the occasion, sharing their sentiments on the National Carrier and their experience of working on the production said,

Cricketing legend Mr. Kumar Sangakkara, “As a Sri Lankan, it was an absolute privilege to be part of this amazing production of the National Carrier. Every time we fly to and from Sri Lanka, our first choice has always been the National Carrier, simply for the feeling of home, the warmth and the care that we receive. I cannot forget how SriLankan Airlines brought us home following the unfortunate terror attack in Lohore in 2009, the attention, care and the empathy of the crew were simply overwhelming.”

Cricketing legend Mr. Mahela Jayawardena, “It is a wonderful experience to be part of this endeavor of the National Carrier, which unveils the country’s most fascinating and alluring aspects. My involvement in this production made me realize that Sri Lanka has so much to offer to a traveler, even to a Sri Lankan.”

Mr. Bathiya Jayakodi of BNS, “When SriLankan Airlines invited us to recreate this masterpiece, I was reluctant at first, because growing up, this was a ‘larger than life’ piece of music that I cherished. This was a masterpiece that the greats I admired should have sung. I am extremely honored to be part of its recreation and I wish SriLankan Airlines all the strength to undertake such endeavors to take the destination to the world.”

Mr. Santhush Weeraman of BNS “One cannot imagine Sri Lanka trying to reach out to the world without the existence of SriLankan Airlines. Such is the confidence that the National Carrier has given the Nation.  It has given hope for future generations to look beyond horizons. Our association with SriLankan Airlines goes as far back as 20 years, to the inception of our musical careers and we will continue to believe in the ethos of SriLankan Airlines as it has done a tremendous service to the Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka over the years.”  

SriLankan Airlines was aptly assisted by its two creative agencies Leo Burnett who undertook procedural clearance and Wunderman Thompson Sri Lanka together with Working Ants Productions executed the creative concepts. 

The buildup video, ‘Serendipity Right Next Door’ that was released last week appealing to the Indian audience unveils the timeless beauty of Sri Lanka through the narrations of two of the most beloved Sri Lankan celebrities, Jacqueline Fernandez of Bollywood fame and the cricketing legend Kumar Sangakkara. Whilst Ms. Fernandez reveals to the audience the island delights one by one, Mr. Sangakkara takes the viewer through the onboard experience of the National Carrier which symbolizes all of Sri Lanka’s beauty, culture, flavours and spirit.

The video created ripples across social media as the first Sri Lankan brand to cross one million views within 11 hours and the first to reach five million mark in two days. Currently, the video has recovered over 20 million views.

SriLankan Airlines launches its brand video Ode to Paradise


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