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The SkyUp brand is now officially represented in the EU

5 May, 2023

The SkyUp MT airline company received an operator's certificate (AOC), a CAMO (Continuing airworthiness management organization) certificate and an airworthiness license (AOL). The airline's office is located in Malta, which is one of the countries of the European Union. This allows the air carrier to effectively fulfill contracts on the terms of the wet license, and in the future to open regular flights from Europe.

"The SkyUp brand with Ukrainian DNA is becoming international. We are one of the first to do so in the history of Ukrainian aviation. For us, this means opening up new opportunities and scaling the business. But our ambitious goal is to show the whole world that Ukrainian brands can compete with European brands, and in the long run, be recognized as the best in Europe and the world thanks to a special service. Once we proved that a small airline with only 10 planes can be visible and set trends in the global aviation industry. By replacing heels with sneakers for flight attendants, we became an example of caring for "our own ," commented Oleksandr Alba, co-owner of SkyUp Airlines . —Now, entering the international market, we will be able to bring Ukraine's victory even closer. Symbolically and deliberately, the first ship in the fleet of the Maltese airline SkyUp became the plane with the inscription The Power of Freedom, because even this iron bird has a Ukrainian heart . 

"The Ukrainian brand SkyUp, which changed domestic civil aviation in five years of operation, is now available in EU countries as well ," comments Dmytro Syeroukhov, CEO of SkyUp Airlines and Accountable Manager of SkyUp MT . — The SkyUp MT team is sincerely grateful to the Directorate of Civil Aviation of Malta for its professional approach, openness and the opportunity to fully work on the European Union market .

"I am proud that another important player in the aviation industry has chosen Malta. We are delighted to welcome SkyUp MT and are delighted to have the airline join the 9H* community. The team demonstrated extraordinary focus and ambition during the many months of discussion and review of the application. I would also like to thank the CAD inspectors led by Eng Connie Di Cesare for their excellent work and support throughout the process ," says Charles Pace, Director General of the Malta Civil Aviation Directorate.

Currently, the new airline has already registered the first aircraft — a Boeing 737-800, which received the registration mark 9H-SAU. This is a 2011 aircraft with a 189-seat cabin. At the request of the airline, it was modified - modern comfortable Geven chairs were installed. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with winglets that help save fuel.

Formerly part of the SkyUp Airlines fleet, the aircraft is emblazoned with The Power of Freedom in partnership with fundraising platform UNITED24. Since the plane will operate on European flights, it will attract more attention to aid to Ukraine.

By the end of 2023, SkyUp MT plans to receive more aircraft. These aircraft will no longer be from the fleet of Ukrainian SkyUp, but will arrive under new contracts.

Obtaining an AOC certificate and an AOL license is an important stage in the full deployment of SkyUp MT activities in Europe. We will inform you about further steps later. We continue to work to make the Ukrainian aviation brand recognizable all over the world and encourage people to travel.

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