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Use Personal Headphones for more Sustainable Flights

30 October, 2019

If all our Economy Class customers travelling onboard A350 flights each year would use their personal headphones instead of the disposables, we could reduce the amount of waste by 56 tons every year. This equals to more than 800 passengers in total. The weight in turn directly influences the emissions caused by fuel consumption. Although we handle disposable headphones as energy waste, they can't be recycled.

Our A350 aircraft's entertainment system is compatible with standard 3,5 mm audio connector or audio jack. This is the most common connector size, so using your headphones is easy.

For more sustainable flying, we are testing a new way to distribute headphones to our Economy Class customers during November and December 2019. On our flights to/from Hong Kong and Los Angeles, cabin crew will hand out headphones directly to the customers who wish to have them, instead of distributing the headphones in advance on the seats. There will be enough headphones for all customers onboard.

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