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7 August, 2020

At Air Europa we are committed to passenger safety, caring for customers and employees remains Air Europa's No. 1 priority, and we are working to ensure a comfortable and healthy flight experience.

Cleanliness and hygiene

At the airport

  • Air Europa has placed protective screens at check-in and customer service desks in Madrid and Palma airports. Following recommendations from IATA and Skyteam, the boarding and disembarking processes have also been revised to ensure social distancing requirements are met. Passengers will be fully informed about any new changes and boarding procedures implemented by the company at airports, thus meeting the required guidelines. 
  • Additionally, in order to avoid unnecessary contact, passengers are required to show their documentation and pass it through the electronic reader whenever indicated. You should also affix your luggage tag and place it on the check-in belts. Disinfectant gel has been placed at different locations for maximum hygiene for the use of our passengers. 
  • Lastly, our transfer buses, those that transport passengers to and from our aircraft and terminals, are now subject to enhanced cleaning measures, in addition, to allow social distance, their capacity has been limited. 
  • All Air Europa personnel will wear a mask and gloves.


Aircraft cleaning

Air Europa maintains extremely stringent aircraft cleaning protocols, but has increased the number of in-depth cleanings to disinfect the entire fleet with specific hospital-grade products that are perfectly suited to kill the coronavirus. Crews are equipped with masks and gloves and all aircraft have been provided with disinfectant wipes for use by both crew and passengers.

Air filters

It is important to remember that cabin air never stagnates. It is a mixture of outdoor air and filtered air using HEPA or high efficiency recirculation filters. To get an idea of their ability, they can capture virus-containing particles with an efficiency of more than 99.9%. They are exactly the same as those used in high-demand hospital settings, such as operating theatres. No other form of mass transport is as efficient at protecting passengers from potential contagion as the modern and efficient aircraft that Air Europa operate.

Sterilization kits

The European regulatory body recommends that airlines have the necessary universal protective kits on-board the aircraft (protective clothing, gloves, masks, biological protective goggles...). Our aircraft have been equipped with these kits since 2003, when an outbreak of Acute and Severe Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was originally detected.

Adapted experience

Removal of non-essential items

We have removed newspapers and magazines from our aircraft to reduce unnecessary contact points.

On-board service

we are working to prioritize the health of our passengers and hygiene measures by implementing the following:

  • New "Economy"service whereby meals will be cooked at very high temperature levels during the flight before serving in sealed bags with a bottled of water.
  • New "Business" service in which high contact items are also reduced.
  • Each blanket is removed after each flight to be washed, dried and folded by industrial cleaning machines. The blankets are put back on the aircraft in a plastic bag, where they remain until delivered to the customer.
  • Our main catering partner, Gate Gourmet continuous to follows strict hygiene standards and measures.



  • We are in regular contact with the health authorities of all relevant countries where we operate, as to adhere to their travel instructions. We have also implemented the protocols set by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and continue to update them as the situation evolves. 
  • Distance between passengers on board: We will endeavour to adhere to the recommended social distancing protocols on our aircraft.
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