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What Is ARC?


ARC – Airlines Reporting Corporation

ARC provides services and benefits to airlines in the USA similar to those provided by IATA to all other parts of the world. It is a global pioneer in e-ticket processing and settlement,  serving the travel industry with financial services, data products and services, ticket distribution, original travel solutions, and settlement in the USA, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa.  ARC accredits travel agencies and corporate travel departments in the above mentioned countries. ARC's system of reporting and settlement is fully electronic, accommodating everything from the largest online distribution systems to the traditional retail model agency with nearly 20,000 accredited points of sale.  More than 200 airlines and railroads worldwide currently distribute and settle their products through ARC's system.  With more than $86 billion annually processed through the settlement system, ARC is the financial backbone of travel distribution in the USA.

Benefits for Airlines when joining ARC via TADS (TAL - Airline Distribution  Solutions)…


  • Incremental revenue from a huge market at a variable cost
  • Increased sales for airline through over 14,000 ARC USA Accredited Travel Agents
  • Weekly Cash Flow wired direct to bank account
  • Fastest payment system - 2 days for credit cards and 5 days for cash
  • Generation of business traffic for airlines worldwide through USA companies
  • Generation of tourism traffic  for airlines worldwide through affluent USA residents
  • Provision of Carrier Accounting File (CAT) similar to BSP HOT files & more
  • Provision of online airline reports, carrier bulletins, Carrier Ticketing Authority Centre through My ARC Portal
  • Document retrieval system


Joining Costs: US$5,000 (for 0-700 monthly transactions) ; US$10,000 (for 701-2,717 monthly transactions) ; US$55,000 (for over 2,718 transactions)

 TADS -  Our Services

  • Maintains continuous contact between ARC and airline
  • Acting as representative and ARC administrative interface
  • Assists airlines with OTA (Online Travel Agents) negotiations and agreements
  • Raises ADMs/ACMs
  • Sales Support Help desk for ARC travel agents
  • Dedicated telephone lines and email addresses
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What Is ARC?
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